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The Process.

At LV Landscape and Design Service, we get to know our clients. That means listening to your ideas and landscaping goals—then bringing your vision to fruition! We begin with a meeting to gather all the important details, and then we come up with a landscaping plan to transform your outdoor space.

I.   Consultation

During the consultation step we meet with you and have a look at your space, taking all required photos and measurements. This is your first opportunity to share your goals and ideas with us, as we develop a customized site plan together. We can also assess whether a site survey or soil analysis is needed, and collaborate with other professionals such as general contractors, architects or engineers as needed. We are even able to smoothly incorporate previously planned concepts into the final design.

II.   Schematic Design

The next stage involves coming up with a schematic design—a broad overview of the proposed landscaping layout, aesthetic components and other features. This part of the process can take several weeks, and we have design review meetings that allow us to touch base with you along the way. 


In our first review meeting we will show you a proposed landscaping site plan, with 3D images and inspiration photos to illustrate the space we have in mind for you. We will then take in your feedback, chat about any changes you’d like to make, and schedule our next meeting. 


During the next review meeting, we can go over any changes that were made, ensuring you are happy with the plan before proceeding.

III.   Final Design & Approval

Bringing together all the site plan aspects and taking your feedback into account, we then come up with a final design that reflects you. 

This is the time for specific materials, plants and finishes to be decided on.

IV.   Bidding & Construction

Coming Soon

V.   Completion & Maintenance

Coming Soon

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